April 22, 2012

Beauty : Lavender Cupcake

I've recently been trying out some different nail polish brands and I'm pleasantly surprised of the quality of some low budget nail polishes! I tested this one from NYC and I love it. The colour is called Lavender Cupcake (what a delicious name) and it's supposed to hold for 7 days. I've just been wearing it for three days now but it has hardly chipped. I've also bought a bright orange one (Spring street), which I will be testing in a few days.


  1. MMM Perfect Nailpolish...awesome my dear.

    XOXO from Munich

    La Vie Quotidienne

    Today you can check my new DIY...it's a NEON GREEN BAG:


  2. Thx for the tip! I've been searching for a budget lilac nailpolish for quite a while now. Did you apply it with only one coat?