March 13, 2012

Paris, mais oui?

Tomorrow at 6:30am, I (The Brunette) will be on my way to Paris. Most of you probably think 'O-M-G that's amazing!'.. But there is a huge downside to this. Its a trip organised by school.. riding 5 hours in a schoolbus.. with thousands of school assignments.. and very little free time.. It hasn't got me singing 'hurray' yet. What's worse than being in Paris and not being able to enjoy yourself?!

If only I could be Blair or Serena, wondering through Paris rocking some gorgeous high heels and designer dress, buying delicious macarons and meeting inressistable romantic guys along the way. Now that would amazing!

But I'm going to put on a pair of rose-coloured glasses and make the best out of this trip. For starters, I bought a whole lot of delicious goodies to make the busride a little more pleasant. At least my tummy will be pleased!

I don't know if it's just me, but Paris makes me think of one of Disney's classics, The Aristocats. Maybe it's because I'm a bit crazy about cats, or maybe I'm just weird :)

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  1. lovely pics! I'm going to paris in autumn and I can't wait!