March 4, 2012

Wishlist : The Blonde

Since Sara did a wish list for clothes, I decided to make one for beauty products. When winter's finally over it's time to clean out your beauty case. Most products are only necessary when it's cold and dry outside. In Summer you definitely need a new perfume, some bronzing powder and sun products !

I'm completely in love with mint nail polish. I didn't get one last summer, but I regretted it ever since. So this year I'm going to get one and wear it every day (or at least once every two weeks, because there are so many colors I like).


  1. such a great wishlist :) i love literally everything from it. but especially the estee lauder bronzer. it would be perfect for summer to give the skin a sunkissed touch an contour :)
    lovely post and blog, dear!


  2. Love all of these items!