March 7, 2012

What's in this black Mango bag?

Normally it's rude to look in a girl's bag, but in this case it's allowed. Check out what I carry around every day in this Mango bag.

The content (approximately a thousand kilos, I swear).

In this lovely H&M make-up bag, I carry: a mirror from H&M, a Labello lip stick for dry lips, my black waterproof eyeliner from Hema, hair stuff, mini Nivea cream, a hand sanitizer from ELF, tissues, Frisk mints for a fresh breath and an Aveda hand cream which smells like lemons.

My Macbook Air (best purchase ever!), an iPod insufficient to store all my favorite songs and my Nokia cell phone.

My glasses which I almost never wear because I simple don't like them (although I'm partially blind), my wallet from I Am featuring my boyfriend's picture, an umbrella for rainy days in Belgium and my keys.

A pencil case from Dille&Kamille, a little Parisian notebook which I got from my (future) sister-in-law to write down blogpost ideas, my organizer from Ordning&Reda and a Zara Home real Italian leather address book.

Hope you like to snoop in others bags as much as I like it.

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  1. Nice post :) That's a really pretty handbag!!