March 14, 2012

Shopping spree at IKEA

One of the reasons why my mom and I (the blonde) went to IKEA, was this beautiful make-up table. I got it as a birthday present last summer from my boyfriend (who made it himself), but I never took the time to search for a matching stool. And now I finally have something to sit on!

I also got a spray can (I just can't say no to a €1 object), to hold some water. When I curl my hair I like to make it a little bit wet before heating it. That way my curls stay longer.

I also got thirty-two coat hangers to be exact (still need an extra sixteen).

Last items I got are these scented candles which smell like vanilla, ice cream and cookies. What more do you want? Of course, I had to get some holders and these looked cute.

Do you like shopping in IKEA?


  1. Leuk :) Ik heb ook zin om nog eens naar de ikea te gaan nu :D

  2. Ohh I love this beauty table. I want oneeeee x

  3. I LOVE those candle holders -- soo posh :))
    And of course that make up table is simply Divine!!!

    Would love it if you could check out my blog - new and having a hard time getting people to subscribe!

    Ciao! x

  4. Hi darling!!! Thanks so much for your coment!!!
    Its great to know about people like you :)
    Great post, you are amazing girl!!!
    Coment my new outfit in

  5. Do I like shopping at IKEA? I LOVE shopping at IKEA! Just to stroll around the store is always so much fun! I alway get so inspired by the examples of livingrooms and bedrooms they have there! I love your picks as well!

  6. What your boyfriend made a makeup table for you??? What a lucky girl you are.

    came over via your comment "intothegloss"

  7. I love shopping for decor items! I believe style is not restricted to ones clothes and makeup.
    Your makeup table and stool look classic and fresh.
    And you have a lovely blog here.
    Do stop by sometime. :)

    Being Vera Blog.